Sunday, October 27, 2013

Song Post: NeRo AnGeLo - "Bad Luv"

For those who never watched the anime......

InuYasha & Kikyo= "Tragic Love Story" = "Bad Luv"

nuff said.....

peep the track after the jump.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Song Post: NeRo AnGeLo - "Identity" (Freestyle)

Soo....I was going to write some new bars to this track , (I still might lol) but at the time I just felt the need to freestyle it and vent a lil, tell me what y'all think of it....and stay tuned for a possible "official version of the song.
Player after the Jump

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Song Post: "Choir Music"

This was the final track to my mixtape "Semi-Casual" dubbed "Choir Music", the reason being that not only is the chorus a sample of the choir interlude from J. Cole's album "Born Sinner" (dope correlation riiite lol) but also because the sample at the beginning is of my bro Chuck introducing one of the songs we performed in my Gospel Choir at school (S/O to Chuck btw lol) but.....enough explanations, peep the song after the jump.

Monday, October 21, 2013

New Poem: "King In The Light"

The King
The LightThe Darkness
The Prince

King In The Light
A year and a half ago I'd be all too ready to body someone lyrically
 I'd calculate every bar, punchline, simile and metaphor
 and make them hit so hard that they may feel it physically
 I'd MAKE them hate me
 I'd MAKE them have to see me as a prime target and enemy
....then I'd drop verses that'd show that they'd have no choice but to give me the victory
 my mind would be consumed with war games and schemes
 commiting arson with the pen towards any in they team
 but....I'm not that man anymore
 the one consumed by nothing but anger, rage, and hate
I'm not that man anymore
 the type ready to wild out and challenge all
 and be quick to get up in they face....
I keep saying that, but its still far too tempting...
to attempt to kill, murk, destroy
 and utterly ANNIHILATE all who oppose me
 who I know are below me
 sometimes, it honestly feel like not retaliating is phony....
but still, I hear God's voice in my ear as I write
 saying you getting listeners, but u aint doing it right
 why be a dark prince when u could be #King in the light...
why be a dark prince when u could be #King in the light.

Friday, October 18, 2013

New Alert: My SoundCloud Page

I know, I know, its too real

but yes I do have a (somewhat neglected) soundcloud page.....though, now that I've posted about it, I'm going to be updating it much more from now on. 
Sooo.....anyway, peep the current set of songs/instrumentals (yes, I make beats) after the jump.

Song Post: J. Rivers - "WestSide" ft. NeRo

The long awaited next collabo between me and my bro J. Rivers, this time over the instrumental to Kendrick Lamar's song "WestSide" (Right On Time) listen and download the track after the jump.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Tape Ideas: "Growing Pains" Part 2??

Potential Cover Art

I've been debating on making a part 2 to my leak tape "Growing Pains" but I feel its best to leave it up to y'all to tell me if y'all want me to, so feel free to share your feelings on it Peace -Neezy

Poem: "The BreakDown"

Happened to find this in the archives, its an old love poem that I wrote nearly a year and a half ago
let me know if y'all like it tho.

The breakdown

As our souls slowly drift from each other's reach
Both confused
Unsure of what we need
In life
You may think that our union was light
But truthfully I began to see u as wife
And it is for this reason
That despite it all
Our rises
Our falls
Our mistakes
And faults
All the hatin'
Outside insanity
Situations that kept us from coexisting romantically
I am still so called stubborn and so called bull headed enough to say
I love you
So despite all the drama
Despite all the pain
The haters and the lames
Friends broads and the dames
And despite everything
In my heart the word love will remain
Synonymous with your name
So miss lady
My once and yet coveted rose
My comfort in the midst of my highs and my lows
Who's moods and mindstates afflict my soul
Just know that
If and when we meet again
It shall be the moment our love begins...

-NeRo AnGeLo

Friday, October 4, 2013

New Mixtape Showcase: Desean - "HeartBreakSeason 2" (2nd Semester)

Comin' at y'all with another mixtape showcase, this time from my lil bro Desean 
even though this is, for all intents and purposes, a leak tape, the man never slacks when it comes to producing quality music. you can click here to check it out on hotnewhiphop or just preview it after the jump.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Mixtape Showcase: Stan B. "The Groove"

Currently bumpin' this joint as I write this. For those who don't know, Stan B. is an affiliate and frequent collaborator of the fAll Star/Tune Crew conglomerate (Put that on ya resume' haha) but, beyond all else, I can personally vouch that this man is MAD talented and never ceases to impress on his songs and features...but anyway you can peep the tape after the jump. (P.S. I'm featured on track 2 ^.^)