Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Thoughts on this Wednesday (also updates on events)

With as much as I and others have gone thru in the last year, it is my hope that 2017 can be a year of growth and positivity​.

All throughout I've had various trials and issues, some of which nearly pushed me towards depression and self-loathing....and all throughout I have had to remind myself of the many blessings and opportunities I've been given in the process.

In spite of all I've been given many chances to perform and share my music with audiences I never thought would hold interest, gotten to collaborate with several talented and dope individuals, and have been listed as a personal favorite amongst others in my area....and for all of that I am grateful, thankful and humbled.

As an update me and the crew (MiDi, Desean and J. Rivers) have 2 shows lined up for February so far; one in Evansville at PG for the 10th and one in Bloomington on the 18th. I'll continue to keep y'all updated as I am able.
Until next time.

Also (shameless plug alert)

Be sure to check out "The Addiction EP"
and "#20Three"

May the Vibe always resonate with you. ✌

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New Single: Stan B. "Rap Corleone"

Coming Soon....

Ain't even nothin to say to gas this track up.
If you know Stan, you know he always delivers, and this lil joint is no different.
soo...relax and enjoy the newest single from the upcoming "New Wave" tape.

Playlist after the jump

New Artist Showcase: Jay Carter

             Aight, so here's a dope new artist for y'all to peep out. Met dude thru the bro Desean who had already done a song with him.
Gotta say, he's got a lot of talent just waiting to develop and be displayed. Be on the look out for him.

Here's one of his newest joints and one that I really like called "Knock Knock"

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Monday, January 2, 2017

New Single: NeRo AnGeLo "Shine"

Just lemme Shine

And here it is folks! The first post of 2017!!

Felt I should bring it in with a bang and what better way (Besides when I put out A Work In Progress on New Years in 2013) than to put out a dope, new single from Yours Truly!!

Its kinda on the hype-r side of things so I'm curious to see what everyone thinks so I'll just let y'all decide if you dig it or not.

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