Thursday, February 25, 2016

New Developments and Etc...

This is my "Chill" face lol

What's good, y'all! I know its been a WHILE since I made a legitimate post on here (yea I been lackin). But, I wanted to take this time to catch up and hip y'all to some new things in the world of NeRo.
First off, my next show will likely be on April 22nd (Keep y'all posted on that)

Secondly, my bro Desean's 1st album is out and available for purchase on several sites and stream here.

Things are still in the beginning stages so I won't run my mouth too much about it but just stay tuned.

And finally, the bro J Rivers is FINALLY working on his debut tape...I'll be keeping y'all posted on that as well.

Aaaaannnnndddddd FINALLLY, finally.
I've got a LOT of new music that hasn't hit the airwaves yet, I'm just sorting things out and seeing which ones will sound best.
Glad to be back
Love y'all!
And back to your regularly scheduled programming.